How to sell when you receive an enquiry via email?

Nina Dušić Hren Sales
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How do you react when you receive an enquiry through email? (please continue reading once you answer this question)

Do you make sure that you respond quickly? Do you start preparing a perfect offer? That strategy didn’t work out for me. Despite being quick to respond and regardless of my appealing offer, I failed to secure a deal. I usually consoled myself by thinking: “Ah well, they must have already had the whole deal arranged and were only curious about my price!”

That’s until I gained knowledge of sales. The key is simple: a telephone call. A pleasant telephone call. A phone call where I phone people with positivity and a smile on my face and tell them how glad I am to see them interested in my workshops. I then explain that it’s hard to prepare an offer due to the lack of information. I enquire about their ideas and how they wish to carry things out. By doing so, I begin building a relationship and gain an advantage compared to everyone else, who simply mail their offers, since I get an additional experience with that particular company. Since this allows me to also find out what to include in my offer – their desires which they describe to me over the phone! Of course, if I am able to fulfill those.

I observe people making offers, whom I interact with myself and I notice that none of them take advantage of this. They usually respond in a kind manner and send offers that don’t make an impression as big as a phone call, where cooperation can immediately be discussed. We tend to send our offer to multiple people at the same time and we then pick the winner based on who we find closest.

What about you? Would you like to boost your successful, yet pleasant sale? More information about my workshop on the topic of friendly sales can be found here.

60% of customers say no 4 times before saying yes

Nina Dušić Hren Sales
Prodajni članek - Nina Dušić Hren, Dober stik

Sale statistics are quite interesting:

  • 80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls
  • whereas 48% of salespeople never even make a single follow-up attempt.

How committed are you? How many times do you call potential clients? Do you at least keep record of them in an excel table?

Once, a client called me after five years, wanting to register for my performance course, after hearing my presentation five years earlier. It is evident this occurred when client’s will, time and money all aligned perfectly. Not to mention other potentially present factors (an illness, well-being …) I don’t focus on when announcing new slots every once in a while. For instance, some find weekends inappropriate, then the price seems too high to them, then they aren’t happy about it taking place on-line, then they have an exam to obtain a license to operate boats and because of it can’t attend the afternoon slot which they planned to do for so long.

I, therefore, provide 3 key guidelines:

  • keep record of all your clients who get in touch with you (at networking events, through enquiries …) or those who are interested in your product/service for the first time,
  • send newsletters, phone them up (you’ll develop a far deeper connection compared to emails), send them useful material,
  • be persistent and aim for long-term success.

Since I started with statistics, I might as well conclude with another interesting example: 75% of on-line buyers want to receive between 2-4 phone calls before a company gives up. So, don’t feel like you’re being pushy. If your product is great and you believe in it, we, the buyers will be happy to be reminded of it. We’re all just waiting for the right timing.

If you have energy for yet another sale trick, when receiving enquiries through email, take a minute and read about it. How to sell when you receive an enquiry through email?