A complete preparation that will help you perform in a confident, composed, intriguing way that will make you stand out.

For performances in front of audiences of 1, 10, 50, 100 or 1000 people.

Have you got a very important event coming up and would like your presentation to be as perfect and as smooth as possible?

Would you like to get audience’s full attention straight from the start, and keep them engaged and intrigued all the way to the end?

Do you feel like you’ve perfected your speech but are unsure whether it is clear enough? Perhaps it includes too much/too little information, or it is missing some crucial elements?

Are you unsure on how to begin and conclude your performance and how much you can get away with on stage? Would you want to know what can still be improved?

Nina Dušić Hren

Have you got a very important event coming up and would like your presentation to be as perfect and as smooth as possible?

Would you like to get audience’s full attention straight from the start, and keep them engaged and intrigued all the way to the end?

Do you feel like you’ve perfected your speech but are unsure whether it is clear enough? Perhaps it includes too much/too little information, or it is missing some crucial elements?

Are you unsure on how to begin and conclude your performance and how much you can get away with on stage? Would you want to know what can still be improved?

For what type of performances do I offer assistance:







People tend to start their speeches with “Hello and a welcome from me, I’d first like to thank …” however, that’s far from an ideal start, as it sounds a tad overused and unconvincing. I can introduce you to a variety of far more innovative and efficient approaches, which will help your performance stand out and provide excellent grounds for your entire future communication.

When Boško (pictured) first attended my individual lesson, he said:

“Nina, I don’t even know why I am here. I have performed my speech in front of my partner, an event organiser and a friend of mine and all three assured me it was terrific!”

However, after the lesson he added: “Thank god I followed my intuition and came to see you and showed you my speech. I now realise that feedback from a professional in the field is entirely different, as you seem to have a broader perception of all matters involved. Because of this, I will now be more confident and composed on stage. Thank you!”

Brighter Communication

Are you wondering if I am the right person to help you perfect your performance?

You’re the only one with an answer to that question, after our individual lesson (if, of course, should you decide so). Until we give it a try you won’t know for certain.

I can however tell you that I have so far prepared more than 1000 individuals for their performances, speeches, interviews and presentations. I have helped them find good, powerful attributes within themselves and acknowledge their blind spots. I have clients who come to see me before each of their performances, to check and perfect their performance to a T.

Using my personal analysis and psychology skills, I can assure you that you will impress most of the audience, since I take into account various types of audiences. If, for instance, your speech is missing some factual numbers, statistics, you might not seem credible and professional enough to some. If you begin your speech the wrong way, you will have a hard time improving the initial impression and impress people later. There are a lot more of these seemingly insignificant little things that often get overlooked by even the most experienced speakers.

I offer advice and provide ideas I have compiled in 10 years of work. I find ways to motivate you to step out of your comfort zone and get remembered as that truly great speaker at a conference or a meeting!

“Preparation is the secret to a successful performance.”

What did Primož have to say about the individual preparation

“Throughout the years of entrepreneurship, I have noticed that good ideas and excellent execution alone aren’t enough. It is important to be able to present the idea in a good way and impress others to follow you. For that reason, I in 2015 decided to improve my communication and performance skills and signed up for Nina’s performance course. I believe this course’s had a substantial influence on my life in recent years. 

Performance skills aren’t useful only on stage but also in everyday life – to learn how to listen, give useful and quality feedback (and also to be able to recognise when a person wants it or needs it and when it is inappropriate).

Prior to each important performance, I hire Nina for an individual lesson where we perfect my performance to a T. Although it can sometimes be frustrating to get a “reality check”, I at least know I am being given an honest advice which then transforms my performance from “good” to “exceptional” and results in me receiving compliments from the audience for my composure on stage any for my very interesting presentations (e. g., compared to other speakers)

Nina has so far helped me prepare for countless presentations in Slovenia and abroad, and among my most successful ones is my presentation on the TEDx’s red stage.

Primož Cigler, co-owner and co-founder of the plastic free packaging store Rifuzl

How does individual preparation take place?

During the individual lesson we can either build your performance from scratch or upgrade your existing one. Via Zoom or in person.

We will look at your past performances (if there are any) and create an action plan.

Together we will prepare an exceptional beginning and conclusion of your speech.

We will examine the content together, extract key elements, add any potentially missing ones, remove unnecessary parts and create a clear, interesting and well-constructed performance.

You will learn the basics of body language and strategies for handling stage fright.

We will prepare all the tools you might need for your performance (PowerPoint, props …).

In the end, we will rehearse the entire performance and perfect the slightest details.

Preparation will have you brimming with confidence as you will be certain that your performance is prepared immaculately. It will serve as a rehearsal, where we will correct those details that play the most significant roles when delivering a successful speech. I will help you establish your credibility in an unobtrusive way, remind you of your strengths and reveal any shortcomings.

You will shine bright on stage and you’ll be proud of yourself.

Are you unsure whether you need individual preparation? I recommend you read these 8 reasons:

  • Individual preparation will make you stand above the average. Did you know that a mere 4 % of people use a coach to prepare for their public performances and those are usually individuals with excellent performances? We usually end up remembering just a single speaker from an event. With appropriate preparation this could be you.

  • Together we will practice and make sure you will truly shine in front of an audience. Take advantage of the opportunity that performance presents and don’t let people forget about you after the first scheduled event break.

  • If you will be speaking to a large number of people, you can quickly recoup your investment in an individual lesson, since, with my help, you will be able to acquire potential new clients from an audience, secure new projects and even land a new job.

  • A professional preparation will make you more confident in your speech, you’ll execute your performance in a self-assured manner and won’t be afraid of failing. I will also help you correctly respond to unpredictable and uncomfortable situations.

  • After a good performance be prepared to be “bothered” by members of audience to congratulate you or perhaps even offer cooperation.

  • If you get a chance to publicly perform, take it and make the most of it. A good performance could launch you on a professional journey to the stars.

  • Avoid making the most common mistakes and make sure to express professionalism, proficiency and credibility. I often see cases where people with a lot of skill, who are masters at what they do, can’t seem to demonstrate show this and their public performance ends up being incompetent. In individual preparation I will help you make sure this does not happen.

  • Curiosity alone should be a big enough reason for you to come and see what a high-level presentation actually looks like.

Andreja’s experience

“I see Nina prior to all of my important performances or lectures. Even if I’m very familiar with the subject, I want to be prepared in a way that allows me to appeal to the audience with my message and let them get the most out of my public performance. Compliments on my most recent lecture on a highly professional topic were given using superlatives and an organisation offered me an opening whenever I wish to share more with their members. Dober Stik truly adds the cherry on top. It’s like baking a delicious cake and they then decorate it further with spring flowers. Nina has the ability to ease the tension of the tensest situations and the most terrified speakers. I highly recommend her!”
Andreja Borštnar_individualna priprava
Andreja Borštnar, u.d.i.a.
the CEO of ATEU d.o.o.

Helena’s experience

Dear Nina, my presentation is now behind me and I’d like to thank you for your support, commitment and proposals on how to make it better. You truly are a master at what you do and I am grateful that you’re also improving myself 😊. I have turned things upside down and spoke from within ... engaged my soul, as you advised me and I even got a little excited 😂.. The effect based on statements of participants ... WOW! Excellent, superb presentation, excellent content ... along with numerous positive personal impressions and appreciation. This would not be possible without you, as this type of public sharing of skill is new to me and I’m otherwise more used to the “rhetoric distance”. With your help and with a firm hand I continue to learn and open up, I now dare to do far more than I used to in the past. Experiencing the difference first-hand will now make it easier for me to recommend your services to those who need them. Thank you 🤗
Helena Mah

Everything else you need to know


60-minute consultation: €100

In case you book a number of consultation hours (more than 5), individual agreements are also possible.

All consultations are conducted online via Zoom.


By booking an individual hour you also receive:

1.Access to a private Facebook group, where I offer free advice and answer your questions.

2.Should you desire, I can also come and support you at your performance.

100% guarantee

Make the decision without unnecessary risk and concern that your money will be wasted. Should the individual preparation fail to provide you with an added value, I will not invoice you for my services.

I’m yet to meet a single client who wasn’t impressed with the individual consultation and who’d say: My speech was perfect beforehand. If this happens, I do not issue an invoice. Without any hard feelings. 🙂

Frequently asked questions

Some people prefer to pre-debate and compose a speech with me, which they then say at the end of the class, while others like to compose it themselves and immediately start analyzing and rearranging it. However, some people do not like the fact that they receive feedback on an already prepared speech, as they say that I support everything with my feedback. The choice is yours. 🙂

It can! Namely, as with the experience gained, a lot of people get rid of stage fright and therefore tend to increasingly rely on improvisation and often leave out preparation. Yet, it is the preparation itself that plays a crucial role in delivering an above-average speech (speech that makes a difference and is intriguing) since during the preparation we think through the effect that parts of the speech will have and if those are really needed. We also think of ways to spice up your speech and gather courage to do something outstanding on stage! However, since each individual is different it is difficult to follow these “general” rules. At individual consultations, I reveal your strengths, emphasise them and reveal ways to improve them.

Sometimes individual consultations make it possible to reignite the motivation in individuals who are bored of performances since they get introduced to new ideas and approaches to presentations.

Absolutely! Most people find it very helpful to discuss the important aspects of performance, we perfect its details, we test it and voila, your confidence and stage become inseparable.

Of course! At our courses, we practice each topic separately and each participant also prepares a 10-minute performance. However, a single experience cannot include all possible scenarios and therefore, I recommend that in case of a very important performance ahead of you (large audience or potential clients), you also dedicate an hour for a rehearsal with me.

Dealing with fear or accepting adrenaline during performances are best learned through practice. The more times we try, the more natural the response is in form of stage fright. Individual hours won’t eliminate fear; however, they will help you get a step closer to understanding and accepting stage fright. Most of my clients tell me that it is the skill gained at individual hours that helps them with confidence, since it provides them with a clear picture of what and how a presentation should be delivered. It is the thought alone that reassures them (to know what they are doing and that they are good at it).

Yes! There is a closed group with participants of Dober stik, where you can publish your performances, request feedback, as well as my phone number and email which will keep us connected in the future. I will also gladly attend your performance should you invite me and should my schedule allow it.

I will most likely notice this myself during the actual individual consultation. In case I fail to recognise this through your facial expressions, I kindly request that you let me know. In this case I will not issue an invoice.

It’s your turn now! Are you ready to raise your performance to another level and leave the audience impressed?

With 100% satisfaction guarantee I provide you really have nothing to lose. I am sure you will be able to recoup your investment at your first performance and that the acquired skill will also benefit your personal life. Good communication is the key to success and the sooner you polish it, the sooner you will realise how much good it can bring you.

Nina Dušić Hren - Brighter Communication


Do you have a question or do you need additional information? Get in touch with me!

I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

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